We’re the insurance provider dedicated to the cycling community and we understand that a bicycle is much more than just its price tag.

A bike is more than the sum of its parts

From fixies to touring models to electric cruisers, Simple Bike Insurance appreciates the deeper value of your bicycle. We offer different policies perfect for making the most out of each adventure, regardless of your ride.

We make bicycle insurance as easy and simple as it should be because, just like you, we prefer less bumps in the road.

Why we’re different

Traditional warranties may cover manufacturing defects, but usually not much else. Yet normal wear-and-tear, theft, and loss all come with the cycling territory. We know what it’s like, which is why Simple Bike Insurance protects cyclists from the everyday risks and “oops” moments that warranties and home insurance policies just won’t cover.

We Cover More

Bicycles, e-bikes, travel, liability, and more. We cover what your warranties and other policies don’t

We Get You

Accidents happen, and that’s ok. The most important thing is getting you clipped back in

We Go The Extra Mile

Our ride-or-die customer support team is here to help

Affordable Coverage

We believe in simple, easy coverage that’s accessible to every rider

No-Nonsense Claims

Who says bicycle insurance claims have to be difficult? (hint: it’s not us!)

Simple & Easy

We paved the path to comprehensive coverage for a much smoother ride

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