Best Electric Bikes for Kids this Summer

Get your kid the very best this summer with our comprehensive list of the best electric bikes your child will love.

Kids want to have the best of everything, and summer is no exception. With school out for a few months, it’s time to find the perfect ebike to keep them entertained and make life easier on you as a working or busy parent.

What kids want in an electric bike

Just like traditional bicycles, e-bikes give kids a chance to be more independent. They can ride to the park or a friend’s house without having to ask mom or dad for a lift. Electric bikes also make it easier for kids to get up and down hills on their own, and it gives them a sense of responsibility (e.g. recharge the battery at the end of a ride).

Plus, ebikes are just really, really fun.

How to choose the best ebike for your kid

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect electric bicycle for your kiddo that they’ll love. This is why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the five best electric bikes for kids this summer based on price, ease of use, size, range, and cost to insure.

1. Rad Power Bikes, RadRunner

Price: $1,299

The RadRunner electric bike is complete with puncture-resistant tires that’ll keep your kid safe even if they run over glass, rocks, or thorns. It also has a single-speed drivetrain which makes for an easy riding experience, regardless of skill — it also makes maintenance a breeze.

With an LED control panel and easy-click buttons, it’s simple to adjust pedal assistance and check on battery life. The RadRunner has a rear rack for storing backpacks and an adjustable seat (and 1.6” stand-over height) to fit any rider. Plus, its upright handlebars crafted from high-quality aluminum are adjustable to your child’s arm length.

Rad Power Bikes’ RadRunner is especially great for kids because of its front fork for more control and stability. You don’t have to worry about the RadRunner falling over either — it’s got a dual leg kickstand to keep everything upright when your child makes a pit stop. For added safety, the RadRunner is affordable to insure and the brake lights run off of the electric bike’s battery.

2. Super73, Z Series

Best Electric Bikes for Kids this Summer

Price: $1,395

Dubbed the “Neighborhood Explorer,” the Super73 Z Series (specifically the Z1) is perfect for kids who want the punch, without the size. It’s a smaller model designed to fit smaller riders and it’s available in 10+ colors.

With an integrated battery and banana seat design, and throttle display, the Z1 is easy to learn and easy to ride. It’s a street-legal model that your kid can take on the sidewalk or sleepy residential streets without question.

Super73’s Z1 ebike is made with durable steel and has a top speed of 20mph and a 20+ mile range. It also comes complete with a thumb throttle and mechanical brake system for safety. It sits nice and low to the ground with a comfortable saddle, and it only costs about $8 a month for comprehensive full-value insurance coverage.

3. Juiced Bikes, Scrambler

Price: $1,799

If your child is all about adventure, the Scrambler is probably the model for them. Its sleek design is available in three different colors, two styles, and two battery life ranges. Juiced Bikes makes it easy to customize your kid’s new electric bike according to their unique personal style.

Its top speed clocks in at 28mph with a 45+ mile range which is perfect for teenagers who like to cruise around town. The Scrambler has a twist throttle for easy riding and an advanced LCD display to quickly check on battery life, speed, and more.

Plus, your child’s new Scrambler comes with cadence pedal sensors, front suspension for smooth riding, and puncture-resistant or knobby tires. Great for city kids or mountain riders, you can’t go wrong with a Juiced Bikes Scrambler ebike this summer. And if you’re worried about crashes, theft, or damage, you can get complete insurance coverage in just a few minutes online.

4. Ride 1up, Core 5

Price: $1,145

The most affordable electric bike this summer is the Ride 1up Core 5 model. It has a more traditional look compared to other e-bikes on this list, but it’s just as exciting. Choose from two colors and two frame types to match your kid’s riding style.

It has an impressive range between 20 and 40 miles with up to 28mph pedal assist and a 20mph throttle. Easily check on battery life and speed with the Core 5’s adjustable LCD, and use the standard rack to carry backpacks and more.

There’s a thumb throttle that’s easy to find and use on the left handlebar, and mechanical disc brakes with an electric cut off sensor for safety. The Core 5 is also equipped with an adjustable seat post to fit your kid’s height and an adjustable arm chainstay kickstand to keep it upright upon dismount.

The Ride 1up Core 5 electric bike model is great for kids who want a more traditional look, or for parents who want to minimize the risk of theft. Regardless, you can protect your child’s new electric bike with an insurance package for the cost of a cup of coffee each month.

5. Pedego, Element

Price: $1,695

Talk about a smooth ride! Pedego’s Element electric bike has incredibly wide tires for better balance and off-roading. Your kid can take this ebike everywhere from sidewalks to mountain paths, and it’s sized to fit all heights.

The Element ebike comes in six stunning colors and is complete with a 48V 10Ah battery for optimal performance. It’s 500 watt motor gets your kid up and down hills easily without a ton of noise. This ebike will have your kid riding all over town this summer with a 40+ mile range.

For a lightweight electric bike model that you can easily transport along with you for family trips, the Element is our top choice. Easy to ride, incredible comfort, and the powerful battery can safely take your child just about anywhere. And its cost to insure is as light as its alloy frame!

Want to learn even more about electric bikes this summer? Check out our ultimate guide to ebike tax breaks and garage checklist to prevent your kid’s bike from theft. Don’t forget to explore our affordable, customizable electric bike insurance plans. With coverage starting at just $8 a month for most models, it’s your best line of defense against theft, damage, and loss.

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