Best Ideas for Garage Storage for Bikes

The number of cyclists has drastically increased in recent times. Many people opt for cycling, thus contributing to the development of corresponding city infrastructure and the evolution of garage bicycle storage solutions.

Nevertheless, a vast majority of people forget how important it is to properly house the vehicle when it is not used. Therefore, we would like to discuss possible methods and give advice on this topic.

Advantages of keeping your bike in a shed

This option is truly handy, and there are various bike storage solutions for a garage. Indoors, it is possible to create optimal conditions for preventing corrosion and cracks on the machine. In addition, the next benefits speak well for this plan:
  • A lot of space in an apartment is freed, as you do not put the transport in the entrance hall.
  • After cycling, there is no need to lift the machine up the stairs, especially if the flat is on a high floor.
  • It stays protected from sudden changes in temperature and other harmful outdoor effects.
How to store bicycles in a garage? By purchasing a special system of fasteners, you may create a dedicated area of different sizes and shapes in any shed. Both horizontal and vertical designs are doable, not to mention that the two-wheeler may hang down from the ceiling. Anyway, it will be securely protected from the effects of cold weather and other environmental factors. You should study numerous safekeeping options thoroughly and then select which one you can put into practice with little funds spent on it.

Disadvantages to be aware of

Does this plan have some drawbacks? A fair answer to this question requires understanding the following points:
  • The main enemy of a metal structure is humidity.
  • The second problem is overheating, which provokes the condensate formation with the same destructive influence on the metal.
Both these factors are sometimes observed in sheds. Therefore, consider installing a heating system inside to eliminate at least some of the problems. In addition, there is a huge variety of prices for mounting systems, and this difference may be crucial. The option you find ideal based on convenience, size, and aesthetic may cost a lot. Therefore, carefully study all existing options and select the appropriate one.

Ideas of different types of bicycle storage

What solutions are worth your attention? For a small room, fastening the machine under the roof is considered a superb option, but it is important to select a reliable system.
Alternative ways of housing a bike are:

  • A common choice is using hooks placed inside the walls with self-tapping screws. They are ideal for vertical designs. It is advisable to select the hardware made of metal.
  • Another type of fastening is racks. They provide a place for several bicycles and additional room for hanging accessories.
  • A shelf with a hole for inserting the frame is also suitable for this purpose and is widely used.

Any of the above options can be implemented by yourself, provided you have suitable materials and tools at hand.

Apart from mounting methods, you should consider the preferred vehicle’s location in the space:

storage ideas for bikes
  • Put the frame parallel to the wall while the machine is hung with its wheels down. The method is suitable for storing several bicycles.
  • The frame may be positioned perpendicular to the wall with the wheels turned towards it. It is best to choose a corner to implement this solution.
  • A lot of space is freed up by keeping the two-wheeler under the ceiling. You have to purchase brackets and hooks to realize this method.
When looking for a fastening method, take into account the materials your shed is made of and other specific parameters it has. This information should be combined together appropriately to arrive at the best decision.

How to organize bike safekeeping in a shed

There is a huge variety of storage ideas for bikes in a garage, and their benefits are uncountable. However, you need to prepare a suitable place first. In this case, you will not have to spend funds and time on replacing parts after the period of storing. Also, try to arrange space-saving keeping. When selecting one of the solutions, take into account the area required, the specifics of your interior design, and other conditions discussed below.

Freestanding rack

Let us start our list of widespread options with a freestanding rack. Such a fixture works fine for holding several vehicles. It can be constructed from different materials and replaced easily, which makes it highly affordable. Nevertheless, this equipment needs a lot of floor space. Consider other options if searching for ideas applicable to a small room.

Mounting on a ceiling

Using an area under the roof is another answer to the discussed question. This solution is suitable for places with high roofs. It allows space-saving bike storage in a garage due to utilizing its upper part instead of the floor. A common way of implementing this idea is to hang the vehicle on a hook. Fastening with cables and special blocks is considered more difficult. Alternative solutions include brackets for keeping the machine horizontally near the roof. The structure consists of special girders on which the vehicle is laid.

Gravity racks

What should you do if every family member has their own two-wheeler and needs a room for it? Choose a gravity stand, which can be fastened to the wall and easily accommodates more than one machine. That is a good choice for those interested in a creative approach to arranging the space.

Wall-mounted hooks

These fixtures are helpful in many ways, and they provide the best way to hang bikes in a garage with a small floor area. Hooks, shelves, or brackets can be installed into a wall, with the hangers attached at different distances. The machine is hung so that the frame is vertical or perpendicular to the wall.
Best Ideas for Garage Storage for Bikes

Compartments on a wall

Let us further extend the provided methods by applying solutions borrowed from apartment interior design. This one with compartments inside the walls is both decorative and convenient.

You can select different compartments that become part of the indoor space and create a room for other needs. This variant has inspired many modern designers.

Special hoists

Bicycle lifts are among the most popular ideas. A hoist mounted to the roof is utilized for hanging one or several vehicles overhead while leaving plenty of room for other purposes.

The hoists can hold a really big weight, and even a heavy vehicle will be stored with no trouble. Moreover, they are coated with special rubber that provides additional protection. The most durable versions ensure the safest keeping.

Racks and shelves

Are there even more tips on the topic? Surprisingly enough, but yes. You can arrange a space that will hold inside everything you wish to keep there.

Just create a garage bike storage DIY shelf with the topmost area allocated for your transport. Small shelves will accommodate shoes, books, or almost anything you can imagine. It is an interesting idea for organizing multiple things within one place.


It is hard to say which of the described methods is the best and how to store a bicycle in a garage most accurately because it depends on many factors. While considering these ideas, you have to think about an available area, a suitable budget, etc.

Yet, special mounting systems have numerous advantages:

  • You get a chance to select the most appropriate place, for example, under the roof or on a side wall, and save enough room for your car and other things.
  • This equipment is reliable and easy to use thanks to its strong and convenient fastening systems.
  • Your transport will be securely stored no matter how long you keep it there.

Take your time and explore the existing ways carefully to create an area that will satisfy your needs either by yourself or with the help of professionals. After all, a garage is a good place to store a bicycle if it is equipped properly.

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