Affordable Bike Insurance Online

Buying bicycle insurance online has never been easier

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So many sites to see, so many mountains and roads to race. Cyclists are a busy bunch and many of us don’t have time to visit an in-person insurance agency or spend hours waiting on hold. This is why bicycle insurance is now available online and it takes just a few minutes to sign up.

Plus, it’s incredibly affordable and policies start at just $100 per year

Affordable, Easy Bicycle Insurance Online

You’ve got the gear, the apparel, the accessories, and a well-tuned bicycle. It’s time to get pedaling and the only thing in your way is financial protection. Bicycle insurance offers cyclists a way to protect their gear and rides without breaking the bank.

Cyclists can easily build policies designed around their own unique cycling profile. This means cyclists are less likely to be underinsured or over paying for:

  • Vehicle collision protection
  • Crash coverage
  • Professional racing and event coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Bicycle theft from home
  • Bicycle theft away from home (i.e. from work, out in public, etc.)
  • And other great benefits that renter’s and homeowner’s policies don’t offer

Get your instant quote in as little as a few minutes online. No getting stuck on hold, no being transferred to another representative, no back and forth. Just easy, affordable, online bicycle insurance.

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How Do I Buy Bike Insurance Online?

Purchasing a bicycle insurance policy online has never been easier. Simple Bike Insurance has streamlined the quote process so you can see your quote and coverage in minutes. Once you have a quote, easily purchase your policy online and we’ll send your policy documents directly to your email shortly afterward.

You’ll just need some contact information about yourself, some basic details about your bicycle, and payment ready. We’ve got basic bicycle insurance policies starting at the low rate of $100 per year, and plenty of premium add-ons for additional coverage.

We let you build your policy in just a few clicks. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with your coverage level, simply go back and add on additional coverage options before you purchase online.

If you have questions about getting started, simply contact Simple Bike Insurance online. We’ve got a team of cycling enthusiasts just like you waiting to answer your questions and lend a helping hand.