Bike Racing Insurance

Bike racing insurance

If you regularly race your bike, you may need a more comprehensive type of bike insurance: You likely want bike racing insurance. At Simple Bike Insurance, we know that racing is an important part of many cyclists’ lives, for both recreation and fun as well as competition. But we also know that racing comes with its own set of challenges, from greater potential for crashes and injuries, as well as the travel that can derail a race with a lost or broken bike in transit.

You’ve probably read horror stories or heard from friends about situations like a bike getting stolen from a roof rack while checking into a hotel near a race venue, or a bike getting run over in the parking lot at the race, or a crash during a race that broke the rider’s bike. Unfortunately, it’s rare that these kinds of situations will be covered by homeowner’s insurance, or by the race event insurance. That’s where bike racing insurance comes in.

Do I need bike racing insurance?

If you only race once or twice a year in a more casual situation like a Gran Fondo or a local ride, you may not want to upgrade your coverage—though it’s certainly not a bad idea! But if you race more regularly or you travel for even a couple of major races each year, getting bike racer insurance is likely a smart decision.

What can we offer for you?

If your bike is stolen or damaged ahead of a big race, your race registration fee is covered. If your bike is damaged en route to the race, it’s covered. In fact, we’ll even cover bike rental fees in order to get you to the start line if possible. Simple Bike Insurance works worldwide too, so if you’re in a MTB race in Spain, a cyclocross race in Australia, or a road race in Idaho, you’re covered.

You probably also train as hard as you race, so you’ll also be happy with the other less race-oriented benefits Simple Bike Insurance provides. Race bikes tend to be on the more expensive side, so it’s important to protect them in case of theft or accident on or off the race course.

In addition to covering your bike in the event of theft or accident, we even have coverage for cycling kit that’s damaged in accidents—a cost that can add up quickly if you’re wearing brands like Castelli or Assos!—as well as roadside assistance for that broken derailleur.

And you as a rider are covered too: Extra medical expenses related to cycling accidents or incidents are covered, and you’ll also protect yourself financially in the event that you injure someone or damage property with your bike. (This applies both in-race and in training.)

Why you should choose us?

At Simple Bike Insurance, many of us aren’t just cyclists, we’re passionate about bike racing as well. That means while we understand how much fun a great cyclocross or gravel race can be, we’ve also had our share of bumps and lumps, crashes and smashes along the way. (The example of a bike getting run over in the parking lot? That was our content strategist’s custom steel frame with Zipp 303s that had just been built up the week before.) We care about you, your racing, and your bikes—and our customer service team is here to answer your calls and questions anytime.