Way Easier Than Pie: Register Your Bike Online

Seriously, it takes two minutes and can save mountains of headache later

To register, or not to register … honestly, it’s not even a question. Countless riders don’t know their serial number and don’t register their bicycles until it’s too late. Registering your bicycle online is the easiest way to increase your chances of recovering a bike should it ever go missing.

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The Importance Of Registering Your Bicycle

Registering your bike is easy and takes just a few minutes. But is it worth it?

TL;DR: Yes, registering your bicycle is totally worth it

It’ll help save you loads of headache if your bike is stolen. When you register your serial number online, you can later alert those registries should your bicycle go missing. Authorities, bike shops, and good samaritans can keep an eye out for your stolen bicycle to recover it or prevent an illegal sale.

It’s usually free. Yep! Most bicycle registries are totally free and operate as nonprofits or are government-affiliated. By registering, you’re joining an online community of other riders who love their bikes as much as you love yours.

In some cities, registering your bicycle is required. Just like a car, in some places, registration is mandatory and can result in fines if you don’t comply. If your city requires bike registration, you’ll likely receive a sticker or QR code to put on your bicycle showing you’re in compliance with the law.

You can help other riders. Even if your bike is never stolen, you can help others in need and pay it forward. Easily tell your friends and family to register their bicycles or cross-reference serial numbers on bicycles they’re thinking about buying to avoid accidentally purchasing a stolen one.

How To Register Your Bicycle

Follow literally just two steps to quickly get registered and on a safer path towards responsible bike ownership.

  1. Find the right registries. There are several out there and we recommend a few including and You can also register with your city or local authorities online as well.
  2. Create an account. Take a few seconds to enter your name, email address, and some information about your bicycle (e.g. its serial number, make, and model) to create an account with each registry. You can log back in if it’s ever time to report your bike as stolen or missing.

Wanna Know What Your Bicycle’s Serial Number Is? We’ve Got A Guide For That

Now you have access to an entire online community of dedicated riders and shop owners. Most registries (specifically are complete with messaging, mapping, and management features to increase your chances of recovering a stolen bike. You can even see how often bicycles are stolen in your area or community.

That’s It, Your Bike Is Registered! Woo Hoo!

Have more than one bicycle? Remember to register each of them. The majority of registries allow multiple registrations under one owner or account at no additional charge.

Some Registries Will Send You A QR Code Sticker For Your Bike For Easier Tracking

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Simple Bike Insurance Will Take Care Of It For You, For Free

If you still aren’t sure about the whole bike registration thing, contact us. Simple Bike Insurance has a team of ride-or-die customer support representatives who are ready to help our policyholders. Let us know you want to register your bicycle and we’ll take care of it for you.

The Best Part? It’s Absolutely Free

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