Best Gifts for Cyclists: Gift Ideas for Every Type of Cyclist

For Commuters: A Custom Backpack

Timbuk2 has long been one of the go-to brands for cycling accessories for commuters and bike messengers, and if the rider in your life bikes to the office or to school on a regular basis, having a great backpack to carry all their gear can be a huge help. Timbuk2 has a wide range of accessories, but our favorite is the fully customizable backpack that allows you to select different fabric styles, patterns and colors, as well as bonus features, for their classic roll-top backpack. And these backpacks not only hold up to all types of weather, they stay looking practically new for years. $134+,

For Roadies: A Rain-Proof Cap

We love this cycling cap from Velocio because it’s a classic cycling cap with a twist. Most roadies already have all the clothing that they need for most weather, but this cap is something a little different. It’s entirely waterproof, so it’s the perfect rainy ride accessory, and it fits like a dream and looks like an old-school cycling cap rather than a funky-looking space-age helmet accessory. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, and it comes in four colors. $46,

For Mountain Bikers: Muc Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

A bike cleaning kit may not sound exciting, but we do love this toolbox with everything you need to make your bike squeaky clean and practically new. Mountain bikers are notoriously tough on equipment and it’s a muddy sport. Having a kit ready for a quick clean is the best way to ensure that a bike stays in rideable condition, and this kit fits in a small apartment, a garage, or the trunk of your car. $99,

For Spin Class Devotees: Glo Yoga + Meditation Membership

For those who love a good spin class, consider adding in a more low intensity element by giving them an online subscription to the Glo app, which has thousands of yoga and meditation sessions for them to tune into to chill out after a hard ride, or for their recovery days. Every cyclist could use a bit more mobility in their lives! From $18,

For Kiddie Crushers: Bike Bell

Make sure everyone knows your kiddo is coming! A bike bell is an important safety accessory for kids’ bikes, and teaches them the important lesson of warning people when you’re riding up behind them. $10,

For the Cyclist Who Has Everything: A Gift Certificate for a Tuneup at the Local Bike Shop or a Massage

If you prefer to shop local, or you know you have a picky cyclist who prefers to choose every piece of gear him- or herself, make everyone happy with the gift of service. Get a gift card for a massage at a local sports massage therapist, or a certificate for a bike tuneup at their local bike shop—those gifts are always appreciated… and no sizing or fitting required.

For Anyone: A New Bike!

We’ll leave the choice of bike up to you and your local bike shop, but giving the gift of a new bike is a pretty great way to celebrate the holidays at any age! And of course, if you do end up getting your significant other a new custom titanium bike, or your daughter a new carbon mountain bike, or your father an ebike, make sure that they take care of that investment by insuring it. You can grab a quick quote for Simple Bike Insurance right here, and maybe even include a few months of coverage as a gift!

Description: Read the article to get to know the best and most necessary gift for cyclists, new bike lovers, commuters, and true bike enthusiasts. Here’s your gift guide for every cyclist in your life – from new to avid cyclists, from road to mountain bikers, we have collected gift ideas for every type of cyclist.

A great way to cheer up your fellow cyclist is to give him something related to his passion. It doesn’t matter if cyclists spend a significant part of their time cycling and training, prefer to bike only to work or ride on the weekends. To help you choose the best cycling gift that will be needed and useful, we talked to cyclists. Based on their responses, we’ve put together a selection of the most popular cyclist gift ideas. Continue with the article to get the details.

Best Gifts for a Cyclist

Gifts for Avid Cyclists

Avid cyclists always seem to have everything they want for their favorite bikes. Nevertheless, it is always easy to select the best gift for cyclists of this type.

Clip-on mudguards

For example, you can give your cyclist friend ultra-light clip-on mudguards. They will help protect the biker from rain and mud. Therefore, your friend will remember you with gratitude every time he/she gets caught in the rain. Currently, it is one of the best cycling gifts for avid bikers. The mudguards can be attached to the bike easily and save the rider from a trail of dirt and splashes on the back. The average cost of such a gift is $35.

Bike cleaning kit

It will be much easier for your friend to keep the bike clean with a special bike cleaning kit. It is a great gift for bike lovers. It may include a chain cleaner, a chain washer, various brushes, and sponges. You can make this kit by yourself, or you can order a ready-made one from a specialized online store. The cost of this kit may vary. The average price starts from $50.

Gifts for Bike Lovers

The best cyclist gifts for true bike lovers will be everything connected with bikes. They are like children who are always happy to receive any gift. You can find a wide variety of gifts in any online bike shop. It can be a bike rack, a bike computer, a bike pump, a bike helmet and gloves, a bike lock, a cyclist’s backpack, and many other useful accessories.

Bike cargo rack

Hence, if you are looking for a great gift for a bike lover, you can consider purchasing a bike cargo rack. It is very convenient for carrying small items and storing tools, and accessories for bike repair anywhere. The cargo rack is the same expendable item as tires or a chain. It can break at any moment. Therefore, your friend will definitely be delighted with such a gift. When choosing a rack, you need to pay attention to the way the rack is attached to the bike. It can be attached to the frame, seat tube, or handlebar tube. A universal choice would be a bike cargo rack that has height-adjustable racks. This rack has four attachment points on the bike frame and is easy to install. You can give your friend a rack made of steel, aluminum, titanium, and other materials. However, the material from which the rack is made does not affect its functionality in any way. The average cost of a classic bike rack starts from $25.

Thermal bike water bottle

It is one of the trendiest types of gifts for bike lovers. This bottle is triple-walled and designed to keep water cold twice as long. The insulating properties that keep drinks cold in hot weather also prevent them from freezing in winter. You can afford it for a minimum of $8.

Cyclist Enthusiast Gifts

It is also not difficult to select gifts for cycling enthusiasts. This group of cycling fans will always be happy with any bike-related gift. You can provide them with any bicycle accessory and they will be very happy, even if they already have such a thing.

Bike repair stand

For example, you can present your friend with a brand-new bike repair stand. It will be one of the best biking gifts for enthusiast bikers. This accessory is useful for a cycling enthusiast in several cases at once. A bike stand is very necessary during bike repair. Without it, a biker will not be able to properly adjust the brakes and shift gears. Such a gift will also be very useful when servicing a bike, when a biker needs to wipe, clean, and lube the chain. A bike stand is also useful when you need to thoroughly clean and wash all parts of your bike. Therefore, this gift will certainly appeal to any cycling fan. You can purchase a classic storage stand or a wall-mounted bike rack. The average cost starts from $30.

Gifts for Road Bikers

It is also quite easy to select the best gift for a cyclist who daily uses a bike to go to various places. Cyclists who ride dozens of miles every day on the roads of their country will definitely be delighted with such a cool gift as a bicycle helmet.

Bicycle helmet

Every cyclist should have a quality and reliable bike helmet. It’s a must-have accessory for any trip, whether you’re heading to the corner shop or taking a long walk into the woods. So, it is now considered one of the best cycling gifts. A cycling helmet guarantees the safety of a ride on the city or highway and is mandatory for training. It is an obligatory accessory for a road biker. The average bike helmet cost starts from $40. Please note that you need to know the head size of the friend you want to give the helmet to.
best cycling gifts

Cycling gloves

In addition, you can also give cycling gloves along with a bicycle helmet. These are one of the most popular types of gifts for the road biker. They can be equipped with built-in turn indicators. The lamp turns on to signal a turn, rebuild, and stop at a traffic light. LEDs are activated when two fingers touch. Such double gifts for a road biker will surely delight any cyclist. The price of this gift type starts at $35.

Road bike tires

You can give your cycling friend the new heavy-duty tires for training and racing. The best tires for road bikes should be fast, light, supple, and bouncy. Choosing the best road bike tires is the most important decision cyclists have to make regarding their bikes. There is no other part of the bike that has a greater impact on your riding experience than the tires you choose. Therefore, your friend will definitely appreciate such an important and expensive gift. The average price starts at $80 per pair.

Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

The best gifts cyclists may need in mountains will delight them greatly. Mountain bikers are always connected with high risk. That is why your gift to a mountain rider should be closely connected with safety. A mountain bike is different from a road bike. So, it makes sense for a cyclist to acquire a unique appearance. Your friend will have a great time traveling on a mountain bike if he/she wears special protective clothing. So, it is one of the best gifts for mountain bike fans.

Mountain bike knee pads

Therefore, we suggest you give your friend knee pads and special protection for mountain biking. It will be the best gift for mountain bikers. Mountain bike knee pads are a must for cyclist protection as this style of cycling is more extreme. Trail and cross riders can get away with lighter protection. Experienced cyclists should only wear knee pads, while beginners should also protect their elbows. To avoid extreme heat during the trip, more experienced cyclists do not put on any protection until they reach the top of the mountain, which is the beginning of a long downhill. Many mountain bikers also add a pair of shin guards to make the protection more complete. You can purchase these gifts in the online store for extreme sports. The average price starts at $80. It surely will be the best gift for a mountain biker. Among the other best gifts for a cyclist who likes mountains we should mention the following accessories:
  • Bike helmets
  • Cycling gloves
  • Repair tools
  • Bicycle first aid kit

Gifts for New Cyclists

Looking for various cycling gift ideas, you should select a gift that will undoubtedly encourage a new cyclist to be fond of biking.

Cycling computer

Therefore, a bike computer will be a great gift for any new biker. The bike computer is a great motivator for cycling. You can choose a simple device with a minimum set of options or an advanced model. Advanced electronics will show the speed, miles traveled, and time spent, and determine the location. There are many brands and models but the main features of the cycling computer will be the battery, the ability to wirelessly connect to heart rate, cadence, power sensors, as well as route recording.
best gift for a bike rider
Bicycle computers are well-matched with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. A biker can synchronize it via smartphone and get all the necessary info about calls and messages. Models are both wireless and wired. The average price for a cycling computer starts at $50. You can purchase the cheapest version for $15-$20. It will undoubtedly be the best gift for a bike rider. Among the other popular cyclists gift ideas are:
  • Children’s bicycle seats
  • Flasks for drinking
  • Locks
  • Additional lights
  • Bicycle repair tools
  • Bicycle bags
  • Cargo carriers
  • Pumps, etc.

Gifts for the Cyclist Who Has Everything

All of us have friends among bikers who seem to have everything necessary for daily cycling. However, there are still some cycle gift ideas that will be useful for you. Let us consider a couple of gifts for cyclists who have everything.

Rooftop bike racks

If you know an avid cyclist who has a favorite carbon frame bike, the most reliable way to transport it is using a rooftop bike rack. It is mounted on the roof rack of the car and eliminates contact with the bike frame. In addition, the fork attachment is an iconic fixation method used by the most experienced cyclists. Any cyclist would be proud to bring his/her bike to explore new routes in this way. The average price for this crucial device starts at $200.

Electric bicycle tire pump

If you think about various cycling gift ideas, then you should consider this one. A modern portable electric compressor will quickly help the cyclist inflate a tire from zero to the required amount of atmosphere. Electric bike pumps are battery-powered. They are light in weight and take up little space in a cyclist’s travel backpack. You just need to connect the nozzle to the tire valve and press the button. When the required number of atmospheres has been pumped up, the device will automatically turn off. This is a necessary and convenient accessory even for a cyclist who seems to have everything. You can buy such a gift for $60 +.

Bicycle lights

Any cyclist who rides late at night will appreciate a good pair of bike lights. 600 lumens of brightness are more than enough for even the darkest night. Even if your friend already has good bike headlights, a new pair of lights will always come in handy. This is a good gift idea for a cyclist. The minimum price for a set of bike lights starts at $20.

Gifts for Commuters

Plenty of commuters daily ride to their offices on various types of bikes. As a rule, they carry many things with them. So, among the popular gift ideas for a cyclist will be to think about purchasing a backpack.


For example, Timbuk2 offers a wide range of customizable backpacks. You can choose from various patterns, colors, and fabric styles. You can use a Timbuk2 backpack in any weather. The product is made of very high quality. Its appearance will not lose its shape and attractiveness for years. For cyclists, it is a very important accessory because they always have to take a lot of different things with them. The current cost of this important cycling accessory starts from $135.

gift ideas for a cyclist

Gifts Spin Class Devotees

Cyclist gift ideas for spin-class devotees are varied. This is a large category of cyclists. As of 2022, specialized spin classes are opening around the world where you can improve your cycling skills, lose weight, build muscle, and prepare for serious competitions during the off-season.

Sports nutrition

For example, you can make such a birthday gift for your cycling friend as various types of sports nutrition. Protein, bars, and much more are the permanent things that can be found in a kitchen of a spin class devotee. If your friend rides a bike for a long time, trains hard, and participates in competitions, then he/she probably eats gels to provide themselves with easily accessible carbohydrates. So, you can make a great gift in the form of a pack of gels, or ask a seller at a sports nutrition store for advice. We guarantee that your friends who are fond of spin classes will be happy to receive such a useful gift as a set of high-quality sports nutrition.

Gifts Kiddie Crushers

If you are looking for biking accessories gift ideas for kids, we can surely help. Children simply adore various devices. They cannot imagine their lives without smartphones. So, any gift connected with modern technologies will be perfect for children who adore cycling. Below you will find one of the greatest gift ideas for cyclists.

Smart bike helmet

Children should be as safe as possible when cycling around the city. When cycling is limited to the city, every effort must be made to ensure kids` safety. Sidelights and headlights help to become noticeable to drivers. However, the best option might be a smart helmet that includes front and rear LEDs. The same LEDs act as brake warning lights when the helmet senses the rider is slowing down. Additionally, such a smart bike helmet is equipped with Bluetooth and built-in speakers. This allows kids to listen to music, answer phone calls, and follow GPS navigation safely. If an accident occurs, such a helmet can transmit an SOS signal and GPS location info to a specified contact. The average price for smart helmets for kids starts at $90. Among the best gifts for cyclists of this type, we should recommend the following ones:
  • Special cycling drinking bottles
  • Children’s bike racks
  • Simple bike computers
  • Funny bike stickers
  • Lanterns and smart locks

Cool bike umbrella

Children love unusual gifts. And this one will definitely be one of the most unique gifts for cyclists. Therefore, if you give a child a bike umbrella, he/she will be very pleased. These umbrellas are attached to the bike frame and handlebars. The child will have the feeling that he/she is in a kind of taxi cabin. Such a device is easy to install and completely protects the child from rain. This item`s price starts at $10.

For Anyone

A coffee mug stand will be one of the best gift ideas for cyclists of any type. If a friend of yours, whom you are going to make a gift, likes hot drinks, then the following gift will be a good variant.

Bike cup holder

The bike cup holder will be very handy for people who use their bikes for commuting and business trips. The cup holder is attached to the steering wheel and its ring fits most cups. To show concern for the environment and not throw away disposable cups, you can also buy a reusable coffee mug with this cup holder. We can assure you that it will be a great gift for any biker. You can afford such gifts for a minimum of $15.

Cycling clothing

Take a closer look at the wardrobe of your cyclist friend. Maybe it is the right time to make special gifts for cycling enthusiasts. If he/she does not have any cycling clothing and uses ordinary clothes for biking, then present him/her with the bike uniform without hesitation. If your friends ride in special equipment, just give them one more thing. To make the best present for a cyclist, you can order a print. The average price for a set of cycling clothing starts at $40.
gifts for cycling enthusiasts


Choosing the best gifts for cyclists is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to find out what the bike lover is dreaming about or what accessory for the bike he/she is missing. It is better not to purchase spare parts and specialized items of equipment because you need to know the model of a bicycle and generally understand the topic. Try to choose a universal thing that will fit and become useful for your cycling friend.

Now you have the list of the best gift ideas for true bike enthusiasts. You can select any of them and make a gift for yourself or your friends who are keen on bikes. So, don’t waste your time now. Take any idea from our post and enjoy your gift right now.

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