Best Gifts for Cyclists: Gift Ideas for Every Type of Cyclist

For Commuters: A Custom Backpack

Timbuk2 has long been one of the go-to brands for cycling accessories for commuters and bike messengers, and if the rider in your life bikes to the office or to school on a regular basis, having a great backpack to carry all their gear can be a huge help. Timbuk2 has a wide range of accessories, but our favorite is the fully customizable backpack that allows you to select different fabric styles, patterns and colors, as well as bonus features, for their classic roll-top backpack. And these backpacks not only hold up to all types of weather, they stay looking practically new for years. $134+,

For Roadies: A Rain-Proof Cap

We love this cycling cap from Velocio because it’s a classic cycling cap with a twist. Most roadies already have all the clothing that they need for most weather, but this cap is something a little different. It’s entirely waterproof, so it’s the perfect rainy ride accessory, and it fits like a dream and looks like an old-school cycling cap rather than a funky-looking space-age helmet accessory. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, and it comes in four colors. $46,

For Mountain Bikers: Muc Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

A bike cleaning kit may not sound exciting, but we do love this toolbox with everything you need to make your bike squeaky clean and practically new. Mountain bikers are notoriously tough on equipment and it’s a muddy sport. Having a kit ready for a quick clean is the best way to ensure that a bike stays in rideable condition, and this kit fits in a small apartment, a garage, or the trunk of your car. $99,

For Spin Class Devotees: Glo Yoga + Meditation Membership

For those who love a good spin class, consider adding in a more low intensity element by giving them an online subscription to the Glo app, which has thousands of yoga and meditation sessions for them to tune into to chill out after a hard ride, or for their recovery days. Every cyclist could use a bit more mobility in their lives! From $18,

For Kiddie Crushers: Bike Bell

Make sure everyone knows your kiddo is coming! A bike bell is an important safety accessory for kids’ bikes, and teaches them the important lesson of warning people when you’re riding up behind them. $10,

For the Cyclist Who Has Everything: A Gift Certificate for a Tuneup at the Local Bike Shop or a Massage

If you prefer to shop local, or you know you have a picky cyclist who prefers to choose every piece of gear him- or herself, make everyone happy with the gift of service. Get a gift card for a massage at a local sports massage therapist, or a certificate for a bike tuneup at their local bike shop—those gifts are always appreciated… and no sizing or fitting required.

For Anyone: A New Bike!

We’ll leave the choice of bike up to you and your local bike shop, but giving the gift of a new bike is a pretty great way to celebrate the holidays at any age! And of course, if you do end up getting your significant other a new custom titanium bike, or your daughter a new carbon mountain bike, or your father an ebike, make sure that they take care of that investment by insuring it. You can grab a quick quote for Simple Bike Insurance right here, and maybe even include a few months of coverage as a gift!

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