The Bike Trends We’re Predicting for 2022

Trends in cycling come and go. Remember when 27.5″ plus bikes were all the rage a few years ago? Or when gravel cycling wasn’t even on the radar yet? Here’s what we expect to be big in 2022 in the cycling world:

Sustainability within the cycling industry

While cycling is obviously great for the environment if you’re biking to work or errands rather than driving, but bike manufacturing hasn’t historically been so great. But as more and more people care about what they’re buying and how it impacts the environment, we’re seeing more and more companies commit to increasing sustainability in their manufacturing and business practices. Some brands like Velocio are joining the 1% for the Planet movement, and other brands are following.

Ebikes everywhere

Expect to see the ebike market expand massively across all disciplines. We’ve already seen road and mountain bikes adding electric-assist and the commuter market expanding ebike offerings, but you can also expect to see ebikes enter the gravel market and other more niche riding styles. Price ranges will be expanding as well, with more budget options launching as well as even higher-end custom options coming into the market. Have a new ebike or considering getting one? Ebikes can get pricey, so protect your investment by covering your bike for as low as $11/month!

Wide(r) tires

If you raced cyclocross a decade ago, or rode the road back in the 80s, you know skinny tires. In cyclocross—the precursor to gravel—tire widths used to top out at 33mm. On the road, 23mm was the standard. Now, it’s not shocking to see 40mm width on the ‘cross course or on the road, and we won’t be shocked if it gets even wider. With disc brakes being used on almost every bike, bikes have greater tire clearance, and since more clearance means wider widths of tires can fit, and wider tires means cushier, comfier ride, it’s no wonder tires are getting bigger and bigger.

Still high prices for bikes

Unfortunately, this is one trend we don’t love: Bike prices rising. Because of the pandemic and problems in the global supply chain, it’s still tough to get a bike, which has caused a still-high surge in demand. So sadly, you likely won’t see many sales on bikes happening any time soon. If you do spot a good deal, snag it as soon as possible, because it likely won’t last!

More bike advocacy

There is good news: Because of the pandemic, cycling did have a boom in 2020 and 2021. Thanks to the increase in popularity—and people in cities being leery about cramming into public transportation—there has been a greater demand for things like dedicated bike lanes and more access to better bike routes in urban areas. Whether you live in a small town or big city, get involved with local clubs and organizations that are dedicated to making biking better for all communities.

Travel for bike tours is coming back

Thanks to the pandemic, bike tours and travel for bike racing, fondos and exotic adventures dropped precipitously. But slowly, it’s coming back as companies like Trek Travel are restarting their tours. (Protect your trip: Did you know Simple Bike Insurance offers things like rentals if your bike is damaged or stolen during travel? Learn more here.)

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