This is Aigaras. But you can call him Moose

The story of an incredible cyclist, making his way across the country on just his bicycle

south lake tahoe

It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s South Lake Tahoe in California.

If you’ve ever driven to South Lake Tahoe, you know about the mountains. Depending on which direction you come from, you have to climb 40 miles of uphill, curvy mountain roads — one lane each way, of course. You reach the summit, which sits at about 7,500 feet. Then you ride your brakes through the steep downgrades and coast into South Lake Tahoe.

It’s a gorgeous drive, but it’s also dangerous — especially if you’re riding solo on an old Trek bicycle. And this is exactly what Aigaras, also known as Moose, was doing.

Mind you, not too many cyclists climb up or down this summit. It’s steep, it’s curvy, and it’s tough — cyclists stay away. The bike lane’s only 12” wide with cars on one side and straight drops along the other.

But here comes Moose.

Pedaling as he bombs downhill. He’s got sandals, no shirt, and a sign on the back of his ride that says “CA to CO.” And there’s no way to chat with him, there’s nowhere to park or pull over.

We catch up with Moose hours later, at a grocery store in Reno, Nevada. He’s in the parking lot, fixing up his tire. And we learn his story.

Moose started his journey in Oregon. Well, actually the journey started with heartbreak, as most journeys do. After a breakup with an unfaithful partner, Moose hit the road with just his bicycle. He’s a tattoo artist on his way to Colorado and there are only a thousand miles left to go.

So he rides uphill without breaking a sweat. This madman pedals downhill. And he’s totally solo.

Not even a helmet.

You can find him, and his art, on Instagram. Check his profile out, say hi, and ask him about his hand-poke tattoos if you’re feeling froggy.

Have you ever seen a cyclist travel that many miles without any gear? Ever met a cross-country rider on a solo trip? Have you ever took a trip like this yourself?

Tell us!

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