The Best Beginner Electric Bike: How To Choose

Ready to power up this cycling season? Check out this list of the best electric bicycles to get started.
The Best Beginner Electric Bike: How To Choose

Electric bicycles are one of the most popular ways to get around town. They’re environmentally friendly, can get you some awesome tax breaks, and don’t require a ton of pedaling (even to get uphill). If you’re looking to invest in your first e-bike, use this guide to choose between the best electric bikes for beginners.

1. Townie Path Go! 10D EQ Step-Thru by Electra

Price: $3,699.99

For anyone who wants to go farther, explore even more, and climb fills easily and quickly, the Townie Path Go! 10D EQ Step-Thru is a no-brainer. Electra describes this model as the “e-biker’s e-bike” and we couldn’t agree more. It’s got a versatile design, sophisticated technology, and a timeless cruiser style.

Complete with a Bosch Performance Line motor and integrated battery, this is the perfect electric bike for beginners. It’s easy to maintain, easy to use, and comes with Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology® for ultimate control and comfort.

Rest assured knowing you’re safe with the SmartphoneHub controller and hydraulic disc brakes. It’s perfect for any terrain including flat roads, boardwalks, and hilly paths. The Townie Path Go! 10D EQ Step-Thru is simple to mount and it’s designed for riders who want the best in tech, comfort, and style — blending the best parts of rugged rides and smooth cruisers. Lastly, it’s an easy bike to insure. Check out policies starting at just $8 a month.

2. Explore E+ 4 GTS by Giant

Price: $2,500

Giant’s Explore E+ 4 GTS helps new e-bikers go even further than they would otherwise. It’s packed with tons of features and power that make it easy to explore and trek whatever is nearby.

This versatile ride comes with a durable aluminum frame and step-through design that makes it easy to get on and off your ebike. Its SyncDrive Sport motor and integrated battery let you travel miles and miles without stopping. The Explore E+ 4 GTS has 80Nm of torque and its motor is whisper quiet.

Available in two different, sleek colors, it’s easy to find the one that suits your gear or preferences. Plus, it’s safe to ride with its hydraulic disc brakes and affordable to insure starting at less than $10 a month.

3. Aventure Step Through Ebike by Aventon

Price: $1,899

Aventon has done it again — they’ve introduced an affordable, durable, and stylish e-bike that’s perfect for new riders. The Aventure Step Through Ebike starts at less than $2,000 and Aventon currently offers free shipping on all electric bicycles.

Plus, the Aventure Step Through is packed with tons of features perfect for amateurs and e-bike pros alike. With a top speed of 28mph and an average 45-mile range, e-bikers can ride anywhere around town, explore new areas, and trek uphill with ease.

For the tech-savvy riders, Aventon also offers app sync functionality and a backlit color display to track distance, battery, and more. The Aventure Step Through Ebike also comes with 4” fat tires and front-end suspension for an incredibly smooth ride — also with a step-through design for easy mount and dismount. Get your new Aventure insured for as little as $8 a month and see your instant quote now.

4. Moterra Neo 5 Electric Mountain Bike by Cannondale

Price: $4,500

Cannondale’s Monterra Neo is available in four different sizes to perfectly fit any rider. This particular model is perfect for mountain bikers who want to give the electric bicycle world a go. Meant for trails, steep descents, and tough climbs, the Moterra Neo 5 Electric Mountain Bike by Cannondale features an aluminum frame, 10-speed drivetrain, and hydraulic disc brakes.

With a 504Wh battery, this mountain electric bike can take anywhere within a 60-mile range. It’s got a low center of gravity, 60Nm of torque, and short chainstays to make riding a breeze. The Monterra boats 150mm of suspension to keep you comfortable, no matter how tough or long you ride.

If you’re a fan of mountain biking, this model is for you. It’s expertly designed for the mountains and it has the geometry to back it up. Plus, it comes with a Cannondale Ergo XC saddle for added comfort along the way and it takes seconds to insure it against theft, damage, and more.

5. Amalgam by Schwinn

The Best Beginner Electric Bike: How To Choose

Price: $1,699.99

Last but not least, the Amalgam electric bicycle by Schwinn is the most affordable e-bike for beginners on this list. Many cyclists are already familiar with the brand, and you might even have a cruiser in your garage right now. It’s available in two different colors and fits riders between 5’7” and 6’1” easily.

With a 250Wh motor, aluminum dual sport frame, and integrated battery, the Schwinn Amalgam is as easy as it gets. Ideal for new riders, the mustache style handlebar lets you position yourself accordingly for maximum comfort — and there’s a 7-speed drivetrain so you can adjust for any terrain.

Whether you want to go the distance or need an effortless commuter to get around town, you can’t go wrong with the Amalgam. It has mechanical disc brakes for precise and powerful braking and a suspension fork to smooth out every bump along your journey. Want to protect your Amalgram against theft, loss, vandalism, and more? Get an affordable bike insurance policy for at little as $8 a month.

Get more from your electric bicycle

Want to get started on your ebike like a pro? Check out our ultimate guides with detailed information on:

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