Bicycle crash insurance

We’re your spokespeople during those “oops” moments

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Crashes happen. Could be a popped tire, could be a collision with another cyclist, and it could even be coming in contact with a vehicle on the road. Regardless of how it happens, it’s important to stay safe and understand your options when it comes to protecting yourself, your bicycle, and your surroundings.

Bicycle crash insurance is a valuable resource that’s not only affordable but can also prevent you from shelling out thousands of dollars in case something bad happens.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bicycle Accidents?

Generally speaking, probably not. Homeowners insurance may cover some of your bicycle’s value if it’s stolen from your home. It may even cover some of your bike’s value if it’s stolen away from your home. However, should you be involved in an accident, collision, or crash, it’s highly unlikely any incurred costs will be covered. Even if they are partially covered, your account may be subject to premium increases because you made a claim.

If you are involved in a vehicle collision with your bicycle (either you hitting a car or a car hitting you), you may be responsible for damage repair if you don’t have bicycle crash insurance. For many cyclists, especially those who are competitive or commute, a lot of money has been invested in a nice ride. In addition, things like helmets, locks, bottle cages, and other accessories also add up.

Should your bicycle, gear, or accessories end up damaged in an accident, it’s best to be prepared with bicycle crash insurance. With policies starting at just $100, Simple Bike Insurance offers coverage that’s customizable to you, your bicycle, and the way that you ride. Plus, we’ll cover your bicycle at full-value should you be involved in a crash or collision.

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But What About Renters Insurance?

Unfortunately, if you have renters insurance instead of homeowners’ insurance, you’re in the same boat. For cyclists who don’t carry bike crash insurance, the repair bill is something that’s risked every ride.

In addition to crash and collision damage coverage, a basic policy with Simple Bike Insurance gets you:

  • Electric bicycle (e-bike) coverage
  • Theft coverage
  • Vehicle contact coverage
  • And more

For a side-by-side comparison of renters/homeowners insurance and Simple Bike Insurance policies, check out our ultimate guide to bicycle insurance policies and coverage.

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What Insurance Covers Bicycle Accidents?

You may have guessed it already, but just to be thorough: Simple Bike Insurance offers comprehensive bicycle crash insurance at reasonable rates. Long are the days of worrying about how you’ll be able to afford bicycle repairs if you’re clipped or come in contact with a vehicle. Simply get a quote in just a few seconds, customize your policy, and ride off into the sunset.

Plus, we have a kick-butt customer service team that’s ready to talk it through. If you have questions about your quote, policy, or how to file a claim, just reach out. We’re here to talk and discover how bicycle crash insurance can best work for you.

And before we go, just a quick public service announcement about bicycle safety. Bicycle crashes are serious and can lead to injury and/or expensive repairs. Always wear a helmet, ride safely, and stay up-to-date with your area’s bicycle traffic laws.