Online Bicycle Registry Spotlight: Bike Index

Simple Bike Insurance continues the online bicycle registry exploration with Bike Index.

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Imagine a world where nonprofit organizations dedicated to preventing bicycle theft thrived. Oh! Wait, that’s right. You don’t need to imagine because Bike Index exists – so let’s talk about who they are and why they’re awesome.

Who is Bike Index?

Bike Index is the brainchild of Seth Herr and Brian Hance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focusing on easy, efficient bicycle registration. With thousands and thousands of searches each day, the Bike Index database has been serving individual cyclists and the cycling community for nearly a decade.

They’re now the largest online bicycle registry service … in the world.

What Are They Up To?

When they aren’t busy working with thousands of community partners and nearly a half-million cataloged bicycles, they’re building a strong arsenal of online resources. Recently Bike Index has reviewed and published the best locks a cyclist can buy, addressing concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and partnering with the Portland Police Bureau.

In November of 2019, Bike Index continued their international expansion by integrating with BikeFair to bring bicycle theft prevention to the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking cyclists. In short, Bike Index is scaring the you-know-what out of bicycle thieves across the world.

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When Did They Get Started?

There are a couple of ways to answer this question. Because Bike Index was formed by Seth Herr and Brian Hance, it technically began in 2013. However, Brian Hance founded in 2004, which was later brought over to join bike-saving forces with Seth about a decade later.

The short answer is that they’ve been your neighborhood heroes for a long time and there’s no turning back now. The dynamic duo has expanded across the United States and offers international services with an incredibly talented team of designers, entrepreneurs, writers, and bicycle recovery specialists.

Where Can I Register?

Easily register with Bike Index online. It takes just a few minutes and all you need is some basic contact information and your bicycle’s serial number. They work with bike shops, police departments, universities, and more to recover countless stolen bicycles each year.

They offer comprehensive registration services including bike registration transfers should you ever sell or gift your bicycle, partnerships with local cycling organizations, and more.

Why Are They Doing What They’re Doing?

Cofounder Seth Herr learned how to program in order to build Bike Index when he was a bicycle mechanic. This should signal why Bike Index is successful and so widely recognized, but in case that signal isn’t loud enough:

It’s because they truly care about cyclists and understand the headache and heartbreak that comes with the violation of experiencing bike theft.

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