Cyclist Insurance vs. Bicycle Insurance | The Complete Guide

The difference between insuring a bicycle, and insuring a cyclist

Woman riding her bicycle down a boardwalk

Cyclist insurance and bicycle insurance are two sides of the same coin. However, if you don’t choose the right bicycle insurance provider, you could be overpaying or stuck with two different policies.

Insuring a bicycle

Things like renter’s insurance and homeowner’s insurance cover property if it’s damaged inside your home. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, either type of insurance might cover property damage if it occurs somewhere other than home (like at work or on a leisurely Sunday ride down the beach).

If, for example, you take your road bike out and you’re clipped by a car, your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance might cover some of the repair costs. The same applies if your bicycle is stolen from the bike racks outside of work or school.

These types of insurance might cover some of the incurred costs to replace or repair your bike.

But they don’t cover you, the cyclist. This means if you end up with injuries and a medical bill because of that clip, your renters or homeowner’s insurance isn’t going to help out. This is because they insure property, not people, and not cyclists.

Woman riding a bicycle to work

Insuring a cyclist

What we refer to as bicycle insurance can actually mean cyclist insurance. The key difference here is that investing in an actual bicycle insurance policy covers you as a cyclist (not just someone who owns a bicycle). So what does bicycle insurance do for cyclists that other types of insurance don’t?

  • Bicycle insurance covers the full value of your bicycle or e-bicycle
  • Bicycle insurance covers crash and collision damage
  • Bicycle insurance dispenses benefits for cycling accessories, riding gear, and riding apparel
  • Bicycle insurance reimburses event fees in case an accident causes you to miss out
  • Bicycle insurance covers cyclists who race, compete, commute, or ride for fun
  • If you’re stranded because of a popped tire, bicycle insurance offers roadside assistance options
  • Bicycle insurance covers replacement bicycle rentals
  • Spare parts damaged or stolen? Bicycle insurance covers that
  • In the event your bicycle is stolen from your home, from work, on the street, or wherever else, bicycle insurance will cover it
  • Take your bicycle around the world for events or sightseeing? You guessed it, bicycle insurance will cover those damages or losses in case something happens
  • Bonus points! Bicycle insurance won’t raise your rates or drop you as a customer if you make a claim

In short, bicycle insurance covers your bicycle, your cycling accoutrement, and most importantly it covers you.

Plus, bicycle insurance carriers like Simple Bike Insurance offer policy add-ons so you can customize your coverage. Add things like liability coverage for just a few extra bucks.

Don’t settle for partial coverage that doesn’t cover your cycling lifestyle. Getting a quote is easy and it takes just a few minutes, start now.

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