Road Bike Insurance in the USA

Insuring your road bike in the US doesn’t have to be complicated

Road mountain cyclists riding in the desert mountains

Road bike racing is intense and we love it just as much as you do. This also means we get the common challenges many road cyclists face. We’re going to go over some of these challenges and talk about why road bike insurance in the USA is so important (and just so darn useful!).

Road Bikes Can Be Expensive

Whether your road bike is meant for the commute or for the races, they can cost a pretty penny. Average road bike prices range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand. Investing in a quality road bicycle (new or used) can mean the difference of valuable seconds in a race or more comfort on your way to work.

And bike thieves know this, too. Unfortunately, a bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds in the United States, many of which are road bikes. If you’ve been cycling for a while, you could have probably guessed this without even having to look it up.

Not only do cyclists invest in their bicycles, but they’re also investing in locks and other security devices to prevent theft. Road bike insurance protects cyclists from theft by covering them at the full value of their ride. Unfortunately, the same can’t usually be said about renters or homeowners insurance.

Cycling Accessories and Riding Gear Costs

That’s right! Other than locks and chains to keep our road bicycles secure, many of us are also investing in:

  • Helmets
  • Riding shorts
  • Other apparel like cycling shoes
  • Water bottles and bottle cages
  • Sunglasses
  • Lights
  • Cycling computers
  • And more

When you consider the value of your road bicycle, also take into consideration everything that goes along with it. It’s highly unlikely that these costs are covered by your other insurance policies – which is a bummer. However, Simple Bike Insurance offers policies that cover your road bike gear, apparel, and accessories in case it’s stolen or damaged.

Person riding their bicycle in the rain

Road Bike Injuries & Collisions

We’re huge fans of the open road. We aren’t huge fans of some of the scarier things out there, though. Getting clipped, seriously injured, stranded because of a flat tire, or even fatally injured are all real risks. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re going to stop riding, and it doesn’t mean you should either.

It just means road bike cyclists are at risk for injuries, collisions, and popping tires. In case of injury, renters or homeowners insurance policies aren’t going to cover those costs. But Simple Bike Insurance does and we’re happy to do so. We also offer roadside assistance to help riders out in case of a flat tire or other bicycle malfunction.

No matter what the road throws at you, Simple Bike Insurance is here with comprehensive road bike insurance policies designed for you. Each policy is tailored to your specifications, your bicycle, and your needs. With policies starting at just $100, it’s easy and affordable to get started.

Give yourself priceless peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important: cycling.