The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bike (EBike) Insurance

Find out why electric bike insurance is so important, and that it’s surprisingly affordable

Midsection of cyclist with their electric bike

Let’s get down to business and go over everything you need to know about ebike insurance from understanding why it’s different than other insurance policies, to purchasing it. We’ll break it down step by step and we’re here to answer any and all questions you have.

SPOILER ALERT: Some policies start at just $100 a year


Bicycles vs. electric bicycles

Don’t confuse bicycles and ebikes despite their obvious similarities. Both can be used for transportation, exercise, and casual fun. However, ebikes have power assist motors. This fact alone may disqualify your ebike from traditional renters or homeowners insurance policies (which typically only provide partial or limited coverage anyway).

As long as your electric bike’s motor doesn’t exceed 750 watts or 28 mph pedal assist (or 20 mph throttle assist), and doesn’t use an auxiliary power source, you can get an instant quote to insure it online in minutes.

Do I need ebike insurance?

Depending on the country and state you live in, chances are it’s not required by law to have ebike insurance. Be sure to check your local laws first before hitting the bike trails, though.

Even if your state doesn’t require ebike insurance for your electric bike model, it’s still probably a pretty good idea to get a policy anyway. Not only is it cheap, but it’ll also come in handy because, let’s face it, ebikes are pretty fast. If you’re commuting to work, using it to get around town, or only cruising on the weekends, accidents can happen.

  • Just like traditional cyclists, people who ride ebikes are at risk for:
  • Injury
  • Liability (i.e. if you hurt someone else accidentally)
  • Theft
  • Damage

Not to mention, electric bike owners are major targets for battery theft. If you don’t want to pay out a couple hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars in case of an accident, that’s where ebike insurance comes in. Instead of opening your wallet, you’re probably already covered under your electric bike insurance policy.

Renters and homeowners insurance policies probably don’t cover 100% of your ebike

It’s true that if you have renters or homeowners insurance, your ebike may qualify for partial coverage. If your ebike is stolen from your home, condo, or apartment, you may receive some benefits. However, it’s likely your ebike’s full-value isn’t insured because renters and homeowners insurance policies typically offer very limited coverage.

In the event of vehicle contact, travel or transit damage, or collision, your existing home or renters insurance policies simply aren’t going to cut it. To fully protect yourself and your ebike against loss, damage, and theft, you’ll need some high-quality electric bicycle insurance from a reputable broker (psst … like Simple Bike Insurance, that’s us!).

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What does electric bike insurance cover?

Simple Bike Insurance offers comprehensive ebike insurance policies customizable to your needs and budget. We can cover things like:

  • Full-value coverage
  • Crash or collision damage
  • Cycling accessories, locks, and other gear
  • Replacement bicycle rentals
  • Roadside assistance
  • Theft from or away from your home, condo, or apartment
  • Vehicle contact or collision damage

That’s right! We cover what your renters and homeowners policies won’t. It’s affordable, it’s easy, and an ebike insurance quote takes just a few minutes.

What about ebike warranties?

Did you know that ebike warranties probably aren’t covering what you think they are? It’s a little scary, but we can teach you about this as well. We’ve already put together a guide to understanding your bike warranty and you can read it here.

Purchasing an ebike insurance policy

This lesson is quick and simple, just like purchasing ebike insurance should be. You’re just a couple of steps away from being an ebike insurance expert.

  • Get an instant ebike insurance quote online here. Enter a few details about yourself and your ebike to see your premium
  • Choose to pay each month, or elect to pay for the entire year upfront for additional savings. Add an additional policy for even more discounts
  • Receive your certificate of ebike insurance and clip in for another ride

How to file an ebike insurance claim

If you’ve been in an accident, your ebike has been stolen, or you qualify for any type of insurance claim, you’re just a few steps away from receiving benefits.

Simple Bike Insurance believes in no-nonsense claims that should be easy to process and file. In fact, we’ve put together a detailed claims checklist of everything you’ll need to have and do to complete the claims process.

The short version is you’ll need some documentation like photos of the incident, a police report, and/or a damage assessment from your local ebike shop. Then you’ll email your documents along with a statement.

Make sure to follow our complete claims guide to help expedite your benefits. If you have questions, simply reach out to us online or give us a call.

Preventing ebike theft and damage

Register your electric bicycle and read up on locks or ebike security devices to prevent filing a claim altogether and make recovering a stolen electric bicycle easier.

Ebikes are fun, and also expensive. Protect your assets by investing in a high-quality lock and storing your electric bicycle somewhere safe. Thieves are a part of biking culture and it’s important for riders to be proactive.

How easy is it to submit an ebike insurance claim?

This one is oh-so-easy because Simple Bike Insurance has put together a detailed claims cheat-sheet for you to make filing claims simple and fast. The short answer is that we won’t raise your rates if you make a claim, and we want to ensure the claims process is easy and quick. Read more about how to file a claim on our Claims page.