E-Bike Battery Theft & Prevention

Just like traditional bicycles, e-bikes are targets for theft and they can be difficult to recover.

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E-Bicycles Are Being Stolen, And So Are Just The Batteries

E-bikes are gaining in popularity and it’s certainly catching the attention of bicycle thieves. Because of their higher price tags, e-bicycles are becoming beacons for theft and proving profitable to re-sell privately (i.e. over the Internet).

In fact, e-bicycles are three times more likely to be stolen than traditional bikes (according to a study conducted in the Netherlands). As well, food delivery workers who use e-bikes as their primary form of transportation are being targeted more often by thieves – and not for their cash.

What’s even more interesting (or perhaps more alarming) is the rate at which e-bicycle batteries are stolen and the e-bikes themselves are left behind. E-bike batteries are not only relatively easy to remove, but they’re also much easier for thieves to conceal and quickly get away from the scene of the crime.

E-Bike Battery Theft Prevention

If you own an e-bicycle, it’s time to get on the theft prevention train and up your anti-crime game. While it’s unfair that cyclists carry the majority of this burden, there are some techniques you should adopt to reduce your chances of falling victim to a stolen e-bike and battery. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Buy A Sturdy Lock And Make Sure To Use It

That’s right! Get a lock, and get a good one because you’re going to need it. Whether you prefer a chain lock, cable lock, or U-lock, make sure that you learn how to use it and use it often.

Secure your e-bicycle to a sturdy structure in a well-lit, traffic-heavy area and remember to loop your lock through your tires to secure as much of your electric bike as you possibly can. Additionally, some locks are specifically made just for securing a battery to the e-bike frame. For helpful tips on which locks to purchase, take a look at this guide we’ve put together.

Always keep receipts of any security devices, such as locks. They’ll come in handy when it’s time to file a claim with your bicycle insurance provider or submit a report to the authorities in the event of theft.

If You Can’t Lock It Up, Take It With You

E-bicycle batteries are easy to remove which is convenient for you, and convenient for a bike thief. If you’re taking your electric bike on a ride and it’s time to park it outside of your favorite burrito spot, take your battery inside with you if you can’t secure it properly with a lock.

It might seem a little silly or inconvenient at first, but we’re sure you’ll thank us later.

Get A GPS Tracking Device

Certainly, a GPS tracking device will increase your odds of recovering your e-bicycle if it’s ever stolen. However, and possibly more importantly, it also sends a visual signal to thieves that you’re serious about security.

Some alarm locks double as GPS trackers as well. This means, depending on which device you purchase, you may be able to use alarm functionality that’ll send alerts to your phone if your e-bike goes outside of a certain range. Alternatively, some alarm and GPS combo devices will set off an audible alarm, much like a traditional car alarm.

Register Your E-Bicycle

Let’s play pretend and say that despite having your e-bike locked up like Fort Knox, it gets stolen. If you’ve registered your e-bicycle online, your chances of recovering it are greater! If not, you’re going to have a much harder time tracking it down.

Many online bicycle registries allow cyclists to register both electric bikes and traditional ones. Take advantage of these free, easy services before it’s too late. Some registries will even send you a QR code or sticker to attach to your e-bicycle which serves as another visual deterrent to bike thieves.

Simple Bike Insurance recommends Bike Index and 529 Garage to get started. Both services are free to use and allow multiple registries per person. Sign up now, it takes less than five minutes. All you need is your serial number and the make/model of your e-bike to get started.

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Insurance Is Your Last Line Of Fool-Proof Defense

If we continue with our kind-of-sad game of pretend, your electric bicycle has been stolen and there’s no sign of it in the online registries. What now?

If you’ve insured your e-bicycle, you’re in luck. Simple Bike Insurance offers comprehensive e-bicycle coverage that’ll take care of replacement parts, temporary rentals, and even full-value reimbursement. Rest assured knowing that your investment in super-fun transportation isn’t lost and you’ll get your money back to either repair or replace it.

Tip: You might qualify for an e-bike rebate. Use that extra cash to cover the cost of an already affordable electric bike insurance policy.

If you haven’t insured your e-bike, you’re probably out of luck at this point especially if you haven’t registered it online. Once your e-bike or battery is stolen, chances are slim that you’re getting it back and it’s too late to get it covered by insurance. Even if you have pretty decent renters insurance or homeowners insurance, they probably won’t cover your e-bicycle at full value (that’s if they cover it at all, actually).

Start with an instant quote to see how much you can save on e-bicycle insurance. It takes just a few minutes and you’re in control of how much you cover.

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