Mountain Bike Insurance | The Ultimate Guide

The best guide to understanding mountain bike insurance and its benefits

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Mountain Bike Insurance

There’s nothing quite like heading out for a day on the trails. Whether you’re in it for the exercise or to get some shredding in, we understand that insurance probably isn’t on your radar — and we get it. Safety and risk mitigation isn’t exactly … exciting. But ensuring your mountain bike and riding gear are protected shouldn’t be something you overlook.

Let’s break down mountain bike insurance and take a step-by-step look at why it’s effective and, quite frankly, a necessity.

I rent an apartment. Does my renter’s insurance cover mountain bike theft?

There are a few ways to answer this question. Technically, if your mountain bike is stolen from your apartment, your renter’s insurance will likely (in theory) cover it — but there are some important conditions that we’ll get into shortly. This assumes you have personal property coverage which is generally included in most renters insurance policies anyway.

Personal property coverage usually ensures you’ll be paid out to replace your belongings in case of “peril.” “Peril” in this case refers to things like unexpected theft, damage, fire, etc. So basically, if something bad happens and all your “stuff” goes missing or gets damaged, renters insurance will give you a certain amount of money to replace your “stuff.”

However! And this is a pretty big however! The full cost of your mountain bike probably isn’t covered. Plus, if something happens to your mountain bike when it’s not at home, you’ll probably only receive partial benefits. Let’s walk through an example and say your mountain bike is valued at $1,000 and your renter’s insurance deductible is $2,000.

If your mountain bike is stolen from your apartment:

Because your mountain bike is worth less than your deductible, you may have to pay the $1,000 to replace your mountain bike out of pocket. Alternatively, the way your renter’s insurance pays out benefits might be broken up into categories. For example, if we say that you have $10,000 in total coverage, it’s likely that only a percentage of that money goes towards things like bikes, helmets, and other athletic assets.

If your mountain bike is stolen while you’re at work (or any location that isn’t your apartment):

You’ll have to check your renter’s insurance policy for the details but in general, you’ll be paid out a percentage of your mountain bike’s value. If we assume this percentage is 10%, you’ll get 10% of your bike’s value.

Again, each renters insurance policy is different so it’s important to check your policy for the fine print. We’re just saying that it’s unlikely your renter’s insurance will pay the full cost of your mountain bike if it’s stolen, regardless of where it was stolen from.

Plus, even if your renter’s insurance policy does pay out the full amount for your stolen mountain bike, there’s a strong chance your premium is going to go up. This means that while you won’t have to pay a ton out of pocket once it’s stolen, you’ll pay for it over time — a little bit more every month, quarter, or year. Kinda sneaky, right? We think so, too.

Don’t even get us started on accidental mountain bike damage. The majority of mountain bikers aren’t going to be using their ride at home inside their apartment. The whole point is to take them out on the trails, right? This means your mountain bike is more likely to be damaged away from your apartment than it is inside of your apartment.

If your mountain bike falls off of your roof rack on the way out to a ride, how well do you think that’s going to go over with your carrier? Spoiler alert: at best, it’s going to be very challenging.

Woman riding her bicycle through a forest

So what can I do to get better coverage for my mountain bike?

The good news is that there are a few options. One is easier and more effective than the other. Let’s start with the harder one.

You can get a scheduled personal property endorsement with your renter’s insurance carrier. This means you get your mountain bike appraised and send over a bunch of paperwork to your provider. They’ll take a look and agree or disagree to specifically cover your mountain bike in the event of peril. What this means is that you’re more likely to get a bigger payout check if something happens to your mountain bike while you’re at home.

But what if you’re injured out on the trails? What if you incur medical bills? What if your mountain bike was damaged and you can’t participate in the race this weekend? Well, your renter’s insurance scheduled personal property endorsement isn’t going to solve those problems. But mountain bike insurance will.

What is mountain bike insurance?

Mountain bike insurance is a stand-alone policy that cyclists hold in addition to other policies like renters, homeowners, or umbrella insurance. Because it’s a stand-alone policy, it has more benefits and offers coverage that’s specific to owning a mountain bike like:

  • Full-value mountain bike coverage
  • Mountain bike crash and collision damage
  • Mountain cycling accessory, apparel, and gear coverage
  • Replacement mountain bike rentals
  • Roadside assistance in case of emergency
  • Coverage for damaged or stolen mountain bike spare parts
  • Mountain bike theft from your home, condo, or apartment
  • Mountain bike theft from work or other locations that aren’t specifically your home
  • Vehicle contact coverage

A pretty comprehensive list, huh? If you choose the right mountain bike insurance carrier and it’s time to make a claim, your premiums won’t go up and you won’t be hassled.

Psssstttt! If you belong to a bicycle association, you’re also likely eligible for 10% off your policy with Simple Bike Insurance!

In addition to stand-alone mountain bike insurance benefits, you’ll likely also have the option to include add-ons specific to you and the way you ride like:

  • Mountain bike event fee reimbursement
  • Mountain bike racing coverage
  • Worldwide mountain bike transit and travel damage
  • And more

So not only do you get more benefits than traditional renters insurance, but you’ll also get to pick and choose policy add-ons to fit your mountain cycling lifestyle.

Woman with her mountain bike in the forest

How much is mountain bike insurance?

This is obviously going to depend on which carrier you choose. If you live in the United States and Canada, Simple Bike Insurance offers policies starting at just $100. Plus, you get to build your own policy and if you’re in a bike association, you get some sweet discounts.

We won’t raise your premiums if you make a claim because we understand that sometimes bad sh….things happen. Our goal is to get you the mountain bike insurance policy that meets your needs and doesn’t break the bank. We offer instant mountain bike insurance quotes so you can see exactly how much you’d pay in just a few seconds (seriously, it takes like a minute or two).

Ready to get started but have some questions? Talk to us. We’re here around the clock to answer your calls and emails. And, bonus points, we’re cycling enthusiasts too.

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