New York E-Bike Insurance

The best electric bike insurance options for New Yorkers

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New York Electric Bike Insurance

Whether you’re in Brooklyn or Buffalo, New Yorkers everywhere are searching for affordable, reliable electric bike insurance. If you own an electric bicycle and you’ve tried to insure it already, you may have noticed a few things like:

  • Your renter’s insurance doesn’t cover the full value of your e-bike
  • Your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the full value of your e-bike
  • Your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policies only offer partial coverage
  • Your other insurance policy premiums, including umbrella insurance, went up after you made an e-bike claim

Well .. we’ve noticed those things, too — and quite frankly, we think that’s kind of lame. This is why it’s important to explore New York electric bike insurance claims before locking into a policy.

Even if your renter’s, homeowner’s, or umbrella insurance coverage might dispense partial benefits if your e-bike is stolen or damaged inside your apartment or home, doesn’t mean you (the cyclist) are protected. We don’t like to get negative, but let’s imagine a few scenarios that many e-bike owners experience.

You take your e-bike out for a coffee run. You lock up your electric bike, go inside to grab that cup o’ joe, come back, and then your e-bike’s battery is stolen

You get a flat tire and need to call roadside assistance for a lift to the bike shop

You’re out on a nice Sunday cruise, riding in the bike line, and you get clipped by a taxi

Each of these scenarios isn’t super fun to think about, but they can (and most certainly do) happen. Unfortunately, if you think you’re covered by your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policies, it’s time to think again.

Only e-bike insurance policies are designed to protect your electric bike AND you as the cyclist, regardless of whether you’re at home or not. Plus, e-bike insurance policy rates won’t go up if you make a claim.

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New York E-Bike Insurance Quote

The first step towards protecting yourself and your e-bike is to get a New York e-bike insurance quote. It’s easy, it’s free, and there’s no commitment. All you have to do is:

That’s it! Three simple steps get you an instant insurance quote in the state of New York. Plus, Simple Bike Insurance lets New York e-cyclists build their own policies. This means you’re in charge of how much you pay and how much coverage you want.

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Affordable New York E-Bike Insurance

Ready to experience affordable New York e-bike insurance that takes minutes to get? We thought so! Simple Bike Insurance offers policies starting at just $100 per year and you can tack on premium policy add-ons customized to your cycling lifestyle.

If you’re a commuter e-cyclist and enjoy that ride to work each morning, you can add on our roadside assistance package for just a few extra bucks. Are you an avid traveler who likes to bring your e-bike with you on each adventure? Try out our worldwide physical damage package for a little extra each month.

Simple Bike Insurance understands the value of being properly insured. This means we don’t underinsure you and we don’t overcharge you. You decide how much coverage you want and we show you your policy costs before you buy.