New Singletrack Trails Come to the Sierra Nevada Mountains

The mountain range in California’s Central Valley will be the new home of an exciting trail project

Sierra Nevada Mountains

More trails for mountain bikers

Mountain bikers flock to the Sierra Nevadas for the mountains and water views — and with the help of the Connected Communities project, it’s about to get even more exciting.

The Lost Sierra Route will consist of 300 miles of pristine cycling trails through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Similar to the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, the Lost Sierra Route paves the way for cyclists to both climb breathtaking peaks, and coast along sea level paths.

Not only does the Lost Sierra Route help out cyclists who want to take advantage of the dirt trails, but it’ll also be open to other nature and outdoors enthusiasts like hikers and fisherman.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Discounts for cyclists

The 300 miles will connect several different mountain areas together with a single route including Plumas and Lassen. Cyclists (and other trail-goers) can apply for a Lost Sierra Route passport which connects with local businesses along the path. For example, mountain cyclists can make a pit stop at a local business and receive a special discount or promotional offer for products, services, etc. with a passport.

Connected Communities aims to stimulate the economy and bring in revenue for local businesses in the Sierra Nevadas. It’s currently in the works and we’re excited to hit the trails once it’s open!

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