The Best Bike Insurance Honolulu, HI

Easy, affordable bike insurance in Honolulu, HI

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Best Affordable Bike Insurance in Honolulu, HI

Some of the most gorgeous cycling spots in the United States can be found in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, so are all of the daily risks of riding without bicycle insurance. If you’re a cyclist in Honolulu and aren’t familiar with bicycle insurance, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Bicycle Insurance?

We’re so glad you asked! Bicycle insurance is a policy cyclists hold to protect their bicycles, riding gear, and themselves from the common risks of the road (or mountains, or trails, etc.).

While many cyclists opt to cover their rigs under renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance, it’s important to know that these policies don’t cover everything. And, more importantly, they don’t cover the risks that are part of the cycling lifestyle like:

  • Vehicle collisions
  • Bicycle theft from work or anywhere other than the home
  • Cycling gear, accessories, and riding apparel
  • Racing coverage
  • Roadside assistance

Plus, other insurance policies probably don’t cover your bicycle at full-value. They’re also likely to raise your rates in the event you make an insurance claim.

Bicycle insurance in Honolulu gives cyclists the ability to insure themselves as cyclists and have peace of mind during each and every ride — without raising rates if the unexpected happens.

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How Much Does Bicycle Insurance in Honolulu Cost?

The cost of an average bicycle insurance plan in Honolulu will depend on a few things. The type of bicycle you have, the type of rider you are, and how much you want to insure your bicycle are all things that’ll impact your quote.

Simple Bike Insurance offers policies starting at just $100 a year and we put riders in charge of how much they want to pay. Easily build a custom policy in minutes and include premium add-ons at affordable prices to supplement your coverage.

Bonus Points: Members of select cycling associations get discounts on their Simple Bike Insurance policies!

Instant Honolulu Bicycle Insurance Quotes

Curious about how much your Honolulu bicycle insurance quote is? Find out in just a few seconds. All you need is:

  • Some basic contact information
  • Information about your bicycle
  • An idea of what kind of coverage you want and need

That’s it! Simple Bike Insurance takes care of the rest and you’ll see your instant quote, well, instantly. Once you see your quote you’ll have the option to purchase online immediately or go back and make changes to your policy.

Are you an avid commuter cyclist? We’ve got you covered. Do you like to race in the Honolulu cycling events? We’ve got you covered there, too. BMX? E-bike? However you ride, whatever you ride, Simple Bike Insurance has an affordable Honolulu policy for you.

Get started with your instant quote now or contact us online for more information. We’re the cycling enthusiasts who are here to help you get the coverage you want and need.

Whether you ride the Kuli‘ou‘ou Ridge Trail or cruise down Waikiki Beach, you can have affordable bicycle insurance at your side starting at just $100 a year. Easily build your own customized bicycle policy so that you’re never overinsured or underinsured.

Insure your Honolulu bicycle at full-value and see your instant quote in seconds. Stop worrying about theft, crashes, or bicycle damage with the help of a comprehensive bike insurance policy at your fingertips.

Plus, it’s easy to make a bicycle insurance claim and we’re available around the clock to answer your questions and lend a helping hand.