Electric Bicycle Insurance FAQ

Why e-bike insurance is so important and answers to the most popular questions

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Electric bicycles have been around for a surprisingly long time. Yet, local and state governments are still trying to figure out how to regulate them as sales are booming year after year. E-cyclists understandably have a lot of questions about whether e-bikes should be insured, how to insure them, and more in the midst of this transition period. Here are some frequently asked questions answered by e-bike insurance experts.

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What’s in this article?

  1. What is an electric bicycle?
  2. Do my other insurance policies cover my e-bike?
  3. What is electric bicycle insurance?
  4. Why do I need electric bike insurance?
  5. How do I get my e-bike insured?
  6. Should I register my e-bike online?
  7. How much does electric bike insurance cost?
  8. More resources for electric bike enthusiasts

What “counts” as an electric bicycle?

In the United States, an electric bicycle qualifies for insurance if it falls into one of these three classes. If it doesn’t fall within these classes, it’s probably not considered an electric bike and you’ll need to find alternative insurance options (i.e. scooter insurance or motorcycle insurance).

Class 1

  • Your bicycle is motorized
  • It has pedal assist up to 20 miles per hour
  • It doesn’t have throttle

Class 2

  • Your bicycle is motorized
  • It has pedal assist and throttle up to 20 miles per hour

Class 3

  • Your bicycle is motorized
  • It has pedal assist up to 28 miles per hour
  • It doesn’t have throttle

Additionally, e-bikes typically use a battery for power that needs to be recharged every so often. If your electric bicycle uses an auxiliary power source, you might not be eligible for e-bike insurance coverage.

Does my renters insurance policy, homeowners insurance policy, or umbrella insurance policy extend to my electric bicycle?

The short answer is: probably not. The long answer is: it depends and keep reading. Renters insurance and homeowners insurance might cover some of your e-bike’s value if it’s stolen from your home, condo, apartment, etc. Let’s say that you take your e-bike out for a spin to your favorite frozen yogurt place three miles away. Your renters or homeowners insurance might cover some of that cost. Essentially, if your other policies do cover that cost, it’s likely very limited and will depend on your carrier and unique policy.

Umbrella insurance typically covers things not covered under other types of insurance (like home insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance, etc.). Again, if you have an electric bicycle, your umbrella might cover some of the cost should it go missing.

Now, let’s say that you’re clipped by a car while taking your e-bike out for a ride. Your renters, homeowners, or umbrella insurance almost certainly isn’t going to cover any of those costs. But! Electric bicycle insurance sure will.

What is electric bicycle insurance?

Simple Bike Insurance now offers e-bike policies that cover what other insurance policies or carriers won’t. As long as your e-bicycle is a Class 1, 2, or 3 and doesn’t use an auxiliary power source, we probably cover it. Plus, electric bicycle insurance is affordable and shockingly easy to get a free quote in less than five minutes.

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison to see how other insurance policies line up against Simple Bike Insurance policies. Things like vehicle contact, spare parts, and more are easy to cover with our policies – and virtually impossible to cover with other carriers.

In addition, we aren’t going to “ding” your account if you need to make a claim. In the event you need to make a claim with your renters or homeowners insurance carriers, there’s a decent chance they’re going to raise your rates. With Simple Bike Insurance, you can rest assured that your electric bicycle insurance rates aren’t going to change because of a claim.

Why do e-cyclists need electric bicycle insurance coverage?

First and foremost, e-bikes can be expensive, and so can their batteries. Thieves know this, too. Because of this, one of the primary risks e-cyclists face is theft – either the entire e-bike or just its battery.

With a Simple Bike Insurance policy, you can easily make a claim if your e-bike is ever stolen from your home (or away from your home) and we’ll cover it at full-value. When you build your policy, you get to choose how much to insure it for. That’s how much we’ll dispense in benefits should a qualifying event strike.

How do I get my e-bike insured?

There are two easy steps. The first is getting an instant quote, which takes less than a couple of minutes. The second is activating and purchasing your policy. If you have questions about claims, your quote, or our policies, just contact us! We’re available online and by phone to help you out if you aren’t sure about something.

Should I register my e-bike online?

Great question and yes, you should. One of the best ways to prevent theft in the first place is to register it online. Many registries include a sticker that can be affixed to your e-bike which serves as a visual deterrent to thieves. This is because they know your e-bike is registered and they’ll have a harder time trying to sell it elsewhere.

Registering takes just a few minutes, it’s free, and it greatly increases the chances of recovering your e-bicycle should it be stolen. All you’ll need is your e-bicycle’s serial number, some contact info, and a registry like:

Bike Index

529 Garage

If your e-bike is stolen, simply log back in to the registry and alert fellow cycling enthusiasts on the platform. If a thief tries to sell it or goes for a joy ride, other platform members can try and spot it, and thus report it to the authorities.

Plus, some registries partner with local authorities. If your e-bike is abandoned somewhere or seized by a police officer, they can check the registries to get in contact with you. Honestly, registering it is a no-brainer and it’s one of the best lines of defense when coupled with a comprehensive e-bike insurance policy.

How much does electric bicycle insurance cost?

Simple Bike Insurance offers policies starting at just $100. We let you choose how much to insure your e-bicycle for and we give you the power to choose your deductible. The cost depends on how you ride and how much you paid for your e-bike, and how you build your policy. It’s up to you!

More resources for electric bike enthusiasts

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