Can I Register My E-Bike Online?

Stopping thieves and increasing chances of recovery, one registration at a time.

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Whether you’re wondering if you can register your e-bicycle online with your state, city, college, or bike registry are all different questions. In short, if you can register your e-bike online, you probably should. Not only can it reduce the chances of your e-bike being stolen, but it can also increase your chances of recovering it in case it ever is. The key is registering your e-bicycle before it’s too late (i.e. before it’s stolen).

Registering Your E-Bike In Your City or State

More and more cities and states are catching on to the fact that we like cycling! This means not only are there more bike racks and bicycle lanes available to us, but there are also more ways to register them. Plus, registering your e-bicycle in a city or state database is pretty easy, especially if your area offers it online.

If your bicycle or e-bike is ever stolen and the police recover it, they can check the serial number against their registration database. Assuming you registered your e-bicycle’s serial number and contact info, they can contact you in order to return it. Pretty simple, pretty easy. If your city or state doesn’t offer online registration, oftentimes you can do so by mail or in person.

Check online to see if online registration is available to you. If it isn’t, you can check to see if the registration forms are available online. If forms are posted online, fill them out beforehand to potentially decrease your wait time.

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Registering Your E-Bike With Your College or University

Colleges and universities are also becoming more e-bike-friendly. With an increase in monitored bike check rooms, bike racks, and campus security, it’s getting easier to prevent e-bicycle theft.

Your university may offer easy online registration. Just like registering with your city or an online bike registry, you’ll need some basic contact information and your serial number. If they don’t offer it online, or if you aren’t sure, check with campus police. They’ll be able to give you more information about how to register it or learn what to do in case your e-bicycle is ever stolen on campus.

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Registering Your E-Bike With An Online Bicycle Registry

We LOVE online bike registries. They’re free, easy, and instantly increase peace of mind. Similar to college or city registries, you’ll need to give your contact information and serial number. If your e-bicycle is stolen, alert the registry and an entire network of fellow cyclists are on the lookout.

This means cyclists, bike shop owners, police, and even potential e-bike buyers can look up the serial number online to see if it has been reported stolen. This helps you recover your e-bicycle and prevents someone else from buying a stolen e-bike. Plus, some registries will send you a sticker to put on your e-bike. This serves as a visual deterrent for thieves who might be on the prowl.

Simple Bike Insurance recommends Bike Index and Garage 529 to get started online for free. They accept e-bicycle registrations and are fantastic resources for upping the safety. If you aren’t sure where your serial number is, check out our handy guide for finding it.

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