How to choose the best bicycle insurance

Choosing the right bicycle insurance carrier has never been oh-so-easy

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Best Bicycle Insurance Options

Whether you’re a casual cyclist, a professional one, or a commuter, we all know accidents can and do happen. Things like injuries, theft, unexpected damage, and more impact cyclists around the world every day. There are things cyclists can do to mitigate these risks, but it’s important to have a back-up plan in case things don’t go according to plan.

Helmets, anti-theft security measures, and high-visibility clothing keep cyclists and their bicycles safe. But thieves can be smart, drivers can get distracted, and nature can be unpredictable. Should something go wrong, it’s best to have bicycle insurance in your back pocket (or more likely on your smartphone).

The best bicycle insurance options are at your fingertips and just a few clicks away. We’ve put together an ultimate guide to getting the best rates for bicycle insurance and here’s how to get started.


What’s in this article?

  1. Get some basic information about your bicycle
  2. Instant bicycle insurance quote
  3. Purchase your bicycle insurance policy
  4. Print your bicycle insurance policy documents
  5. Have more peace of mind
  6. More resources for cyclists

#1: Get some basic information about your bicycle together

Estimated time: 5 – 10 minutes

You can skip to the next step if you’re feeling spontaneous or if you know your bicycle really well. But for some of us, being prepared can make the experience a little more enjoyable. Take a couple of minutes to find or remember:

  • Your basic contact information like your email address and the physical address of where you store your bicycle.
  • Your bicycle’s serial number. If you aren’t sure what this is or where to find it, check out our comprehensive guide to bicycle serial numbers here.
  • If you’re a member of a bicycle association like the USA Triathlon, International Mountain Bicycling Association, or USA Cycling to get a discount on your bicycle insurance policy.
  • What kind of cyclist you are and what you need from your insurance policy. Simple Bike Insurance lets cyclists define who they are and how they ride, and we build policies to match those needs.
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#2: Get an instant bicycle insurance quote

Estimated time: 1 – 5 minutes

You’re almost to the finish line! An instant bicycle insurance quote is just that, instant. All you need to do is take the information from the step above and plug it into the quote form. Once you’re done, you’ll see a rate based on your needs as a cyclist.

#3: Purchase the best bicycle insurance policy for your budget

Estimated time: 1 – 5 minutes

You’ve made it! You saw how affordable your bicycle insurance quote was and you took the leap! Welcome to the safer side of cycling. Just choose how you want to pay, monthly or annually, and that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest and reach out to activate your policy.

#4: Print your bicycle insurance policy documents

Estimated time: 1 – 5 minutes

After you’ve purchased your policy, a customer service representative will reach out to you to activate your policy. Once it’s activated, we’ll send over some documents for your records. It’ll include some details about you, your bicycle, and your policy. Print those bicycle insurance policy documents out or save them somewhere on your phone or laptop that’s easy to remember.

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#5: Enjoy your rides a little more knowing your protected

Estimated time: ♾️

There’s nothing quite like a ride with a little less stress. Put on your helmet, clip in, and start hitting the trails like there’s no tomorrow.

Build your bicycle insurance policy today with Simple Bike Insurance. Quotes are instant, policies are comprehensive. Let us be your spokespeople when things get a little tough.

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