Bike Theft UC Davis: Everything You Need To Know

Davis, California is one of the top commuter cyclist cities in the United States — and theft is a problem on the UC Davis campus.

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Davis, CA is a beautiful city with a not-so-pretty downside: chronic bicycle theft. With 23% of the population commuting to work and the college campus, chances are you’ve had your bike stolen at some point — or you know someone who has.

Davis, CA Bike Theft Statistics

The City of Davis Bicycle Theft Analysis Report shows that between 2009 and 2021, there were a total of 3,167 bicycles stolen across the area — and the total value comes in at about $1.2M. More than half of those 3,000+ bicycles were stolen from the UC Davis campus alone.

The Davis Bicycle Theft Analysis also reports that the majority of bicycles stolen every year occur in October, which is when the fall semester at UC Davis begins. The City of Davis also notes that most bicycles are stolen from homes and apartments.

Davis, CA Bike Theft In The News

What UC Davis Students Can Do To Protect Themselves Against Bike Theft

If you’re a UC Davis student, or you’re a UC Davis parent, here’s a simple checklist you can use to reduce your risk of falling victim to bike theft.

Step 1: Use A Lock

Invest in a sturdy lock, preferably a U-lock and cable lock combo, and even a GPS tracking device for your bicycle. Always lock up your bike when it’s out of sight and/or not in use. Remember to thread your lock through your spokes and wheel, and lock it to something solid like a bike rack. Here are some additional resources:

Step 2: Register Your Bicycle

Register your bike with a registry as soon as possible. Registries are online databases that collect and store bike serial numbers and contact information. If your bicycle is stolen, you can report it to the registries.

If a police officer, fellow cyclist, or even bike shop owner comes across your stolen bike, they can contact you to give it back. Plus, some registries will send you a sticker to secure your bike. This serves as a visual deterrent — i.e. it stops thieves in their tracks if they spot it. Here are some registries to check out:

Step 3: Be Smart When You Park

When it’s time to lock up your bicycle, make sure it’s parked in a well-lit and high-traffic area. Your bicycle is more likely to be stolen in an empty alley or from a poorly lit area. If you can, store your bicycle inside at night.

Step 4: Secure Your Home

As the City of Davis learned, most bicycles are stolen from homes and apartments. If you live somewhere with a garage, make sure you safe-proof it against thieves. Always keep your doors locked at night and store your bicycle somewhere out of sight (for example, away from windows).

Step 5: Invest in Bicycle Insurance

According to The City of Davis Bicycle Theft Analysis Report, the average value of a bike stolen from the UC Davis campus was around $310. And the average value of stolen bicycles increased by quite a bit for anyone living off-campus — students and non-students. If you own an electric bicycle, the value increases exponentially.

Whether your bicycle costs $100 or $1,000, bicycle insurance pays you back if it goes missing and policies start at just $8 a month. If someone steals your bicycle while you’re in class, while you’re at home, or while you’re at work, Simple Bike Insurance covers you at full value (or partial value depending on which option you choose at checkout).

Additional Theft Prevention Resources

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