Guide to Mountain Bike Insurance in Bentonville, AK

Cycling in the Mountain Bike Capital of the World doesn’t have to be risky

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Mountain bikers are calling Bentonville, Arkansas home

Bentonville, Arkansas has been making a name for itself over the last decade as a mountain biking staple in the United States. Competing with other well-known and long-established mountain bike destinations like Utah and Colorado, Arkansas is rising to the very top.

In fact, Bentonville has gone as far as claiming the title of Mountain Bike Capital of the World — like the residents and cyclists who call Bentonville, AR home, we think this is pretty darn neat. Arkansas is embracing its cycling-friendly reputation and so are the companies and organizations who do business there like:

  • OZ Trails
  • BikeNWA
  • Bike Bentonville
  • Friends of Arkansas Singletrack
  • Walmart
  • And so many more

Mountain bikers, athletes, tourists, and Arkansas residents can access the wide variety of mountain bike trails throughout the state and, of course, the trails in the Ozarks. Bentonville, AR alone has over 140 miles of trails including 40 miles of hard-surface or paved trails and 100 miles of singletrack.

Finding a gorgeous trail to hit is only one of a few challenges many mountain bikers face, and Arkansas has solved one of these. Unfortunately, many mountain cyclists are still prone to accidents, injuries, and even bicycle theft. What’s a cyclist to do?

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Invest in affordable Bentonville, AR mountain bike insurance

Mountain bikers of every skill level looking to bomb hills and take on challenging climbs face the potential for injury. Not to be a bummer here, but things like Skier’s Thumb, clavicle fractures, and concussions can get in the way of a nice ride.

Mountain biking injuries aren’t pretty yet many cyclists feel it’s worth the risk, especially if their mountain bike is covered by renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance. However, those types of insurance policies don’t cover injuries, collisions, or liability.

If you’re a fellow Bentonville, Arkansas cyclist, it’s important you know that renter’s insurance and homeowner’s insurance only protects your bicycle under certain conditions. These policies don’t protect you, the mountain biker.

But mountain bike insurance does. Simple Bike Insurance provides comprehensive cycling insurance for mountain bikers across Bentonville, Arkansas. We cover things other insurance policies won’t and we don’t raise premiums if cyclists make a claim. Starting at just $100 a year, mountain bikers like you can get:

  • Full-value coverage for your mountain bike
  • Theft coverage whether your ride is stolen from your home, your work, or anywhere else
  • Vehicle collision and crash protection
  • Medical coverage
  • And more
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For a complete list of benefits, take a look at our side-by-side comparison. Easily compare Simple Bike Insurance policies to renter’s and homeowner’s coverage to see what you’re missing.

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Get an instant Bentonville, AR mountain bike insurance quote

Ready to get started? We make it easy to hit the trails with more peace of mind with instant mountain bike insurance quotes. In as little as a minute or two, you can:

  • Get a custom mountain bike insurance quote
  • Tack on premium policy add-ons like worldwide protection
  • Get a discount if you’re a member of select cycling associations
  • And more

All you need is some basic contact information, some information about your mountain bike, and details about what kind of cyclist you are.

Our quotes are 100% free and you have the option to insure your mountain bike for however much you want. It’s up to you! What are you waiting for?